The Power of Power Putty

The Power of Power Putty

First and foremost the product is awesome, it’s application for a climber  are many and it is generally fun to play with. When I initially got my power putty my expectations were set pretty low but those expectations were easily exceeded upon using it.

The packaging itself is really cool. Open the box and you get a power fist similar to the Raised Fist, which alone has a symbolic meaning “a symbol of solidarity and support…” ( Genius product marketing if you want my honest opinion. The putty comes in 4 different colors which each represent different resistances  (I got dark blue “medium”) and it is housed inside the fist which you squeeze to open. Already they are making you work for it.

Also included inside the box are instructions for using the power putty properly and effectively, along with some other mumbo jumbo like general usage to keep it clean. All together there are 12 different exercises; each working different muscles. All the muscles the putty targets are ones that are major to rock climbing, some more major than others but all significant.

Upon using the putty you will find what exercises work what, as well as what you should be focusing on through the difficulty in a particular exercise. Now some advice to you as the user is don’t over work your muscles by doing the exercise to much. We want to train smarter at Strength Climber so that means doing the right amount of reps in the right amount of sets. Suggestion 8 – 20 reps depending on the workout as 1 set, for 3 sets total.

Aside from the strength, dexterity, coordination and stamina you will develop the Power putty is really fun to play with. For being a physical therapy tool it holds it’s application in stress relief and a toy. In my case I found myself using my left side brain to play artist, sculpting faces and making things with it. I also rolled the putty into a ball and bounced it (be careful doing this, it does pick up dirt and derby).

In my  opinion Power Putty is a solid product that as a rock climber it holds it own in building strength. The applications it holds to target the fingers, wrist, forearm, and shoulder makes it a all in one training. I’m going to be moving to the green soon to get more of a resistance (it is also my favorite color).


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